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Information for Margaret Messer Student Research Grant

Students enrolled in an honors program affiliated with the Honors Council of the Illinois Region (HCIR) are eligible to receive financial assistance for projects directly related to their honors study. The fund, established in 1994, assists students with projects which they might normally not undertake because of the expense involved. Selection of a research proposal for funding depends upon the intrinsic merit of the proposal and indication that the student will be successful in completing the research as proposed.

The funds are to be used to defray the cost of commodities (supplies), travel or services directly related to the undergraduate student research projects. Note: under most circumstances, funding of equipment (books, tape recorders, calculators, etc.) will not be provided.


The resolution establishing the fund is as follows:

  1. Up to one half of the declining balance of the treasury of the HCIR for an academic year shall be available for individual honors student projects.
  2. Students requesting funds from the HCIR may be limited to a lesser amount than requested, and the request must carry the endorsement of the supervising professor and the endorsement of the Honors Director / Honors Dean at the student's institution.
  3. The Margaret Messer Student Research Grant Officer will identify at least two persons from among the institutional members of the Council to review each student proposal for funding and shall communicate with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer regarding available funds before awarding the grants. The Grant Officer shall communicate with the student’s Honors Director/Dean regarding the outcome of the review process.
  4. When feasible, grant recipients will present their projects at the HCIR Spring Student Conference.


Applications for funding must adhere to the guidelines and policies described below and on the proposal application form. Please review them carefully as the review committee will not consider applications which ignore the guidelines or fail to supply all requested information.


  1. Eligibility and Requirements:
    1. The HCIR will award funds only to students in good standing in an honors program or honors college which is a member of the HCIR.
    2. All projects must have a faculty supervisor.
    3. Only one grant will be awarded to an individual in any given year.
  2. Format:
    1. All information requested on the Student Research Grant Application must be submitted to the Margret Messer Grant Officer of the HCIR; incomplete proposals will not be considered.
    2. The proposal must be signed by the student, the faculty supervisor, and the director of the honors program / college.
    3. Submissions are submitted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. In most cases, students may expect a decision within 30 days.
  3. Report:
    1. Each recipient of an HCIR grant agrees to submit to the Margret Messer Student Research Grant Officer the Grant Completion Form (Word or PDF) and a copy of the final product of the project after completion of the research and no later than one year after the grant is awarded.
    2. The research supervisor should sign the final product of the research so as to acknowledge that he or she has seen the report, though the signature does not imply approval or that credit has been earned.
    3. Finally, every effort should be made to present the results of the research at the annual student research conference of HCIR.
  4. Acknowledgement:
  5. Should the project be funded, HCIR expects that any future publication of the research would contain the following acknowledgement: "The author acknowledges that partial funding for this project was provided by the Honors Council of the Illinois Region."


Submit proposals and inquiries to: Dr. Mary Beth Tegan at or